What Healthy Food to Eat This COVID-19: Tips to Keep Your Weight Down

Healthy Food

In the battle of the bulge, healthy food is winning. The days of fast food and fatty foods are long gone. We now know that we can eat right and live well. So what should serve you best when it comes to healthy food?

  • What to eat this COVID: Farmers’ markets are the best place to start. Check the local paper for farmer’s markets in your area. This will help you find the ones in your area. Some farmers’ markets will have wholesale farmers’ markets and they will have organic foods and locally grown products, including healthy food. Farmer’s markets are an excellent source of organic food and other natural resources.
  • What to eat this COVID: Effective social distancing guidelines will help reduce some of the stigma associated with healthy eating. It is very easy to become self-conscious about eating healthy food when surrounded by poor and unhealthy choices. One way to help reduce some of the shame is to announce to your friends and family about your plans to start or continue a healthier lifestyle. Ask them to be positive and supportive while helping you prepare and cook healthy meals. Let them know that you will be using the recipes they provide you and that you will try to avoid anything that may cause you distress.
  • What to eat this COVID-19: Start to use whole-food-based ingredients in most of your cooking. Start shopping for processed foods in stores that sell healthy eating products. Processed foods are high in fat, sodium, and sugar and are not as healthy as fresh foods. Try to limit your intake of processed foods and focus more on fresh fruits, vegetables, and meat. You will find that once you begin to focus more on these natural and wholesome foods your body will begin to benefit as a result.
  • What to eat this COVID-19: If you are in financial trouble you need to cut back on the amount of fast food and processed foods you eat. If you can afford it, only eat fast food during special occasions or at your jobs. When you eat out eat only for yourself and your immediate family. When you eat in restaurants, always ask if they have a side dish or condiment free of fats, sodium, and sugar. If you can afford it you should make sure you eat healthy food in order to help your own health and to afford food more easily.
  • What to eat this COVID 19: Processed foods that have unnatural flavors, colorings, sweeteners, and high-calorie ingredients will only add more calories to your diet. When you cook the meals yourself, you can make healthier meals and serve the menu in a way that keeps the family satisfied. When you are eating out with friends, it is oftentimes acceptable to order an extra side dish so that everyone has something to eat with the main course. You can also find healthy alternatives for unhealthy fats by eating grilled chicken or fish instead of butter, oil, and bacon. The fish is especially good because it has omega 3 fatty acids which are vital for healthy heart health.
  • What to eat this COVID: If you are having a party or event and you cannot really be sure what you are going to eat you may want to prepare meals ahead of time. This will save you time when you go to the restaurant and there are no items in the kitchen. There are many easy ways to prepare meals such as grilling, baking, steaming, broiling, or even roasting. Choose low-fat dressing whenever possible.
  • What to eat this COVID: There are many easy ways to incorporate more vegetables into your diet. You can steam vegetables, roast vegetables, or do an Italian vegetable pizza. Vegetables are the most nutritious foods in your diet because they have the highest concentration of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. However, if you are not having enough of these nutrients in your diet you should consider adding low-fat dressings, such as low-fat mayonnaise. This will help add more taste to your vegetables and at the same time keep your intake of these nutrients at a balanced level.


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