Using Guest Posting to Increase Your SEO Visibility

Guest post

When you are already busy working hard to expand your blog, the idea of spending even more time writing guest post on another site may seem counterintuitive. After all, what’s the point of getting more exposure if it doesn’t increase your own blog readership? And yet, in today’s ever-changing digital landscape, guest posting remains a trusted method for bloggers and marketers alike.

Why guest post? There are many compelling reasons why bloggers and internet marketers look to guest blogging as a means of gaining more exposure. One reason is SEO. As search engine optimization (SEO) experts know, creating backlinks for your site increases your site’s chances of being ranked higher in Google, the number one search engine. Guest blogging can help you achieve greater SEO success by providing you with an expertly written guest post, which gives you the chance to show off your expertise in a relevant area.

Another reason to consider guest posts is to tap into the writing skills (and brains!) of another seasoned writer. Not all of us are experts in all the relevant topics. Sometimes we need another writer’s advice or perspective, especially when we don’t have the time or experience needed to write our own posts.

If you want to write a guest posting that receives a lot of attention and has a solid chance of being picked up by other blogs and websites, consider choosing a niche you have some knowledge about and that interests a portion of your readership. This will ensure that you create content that will appeal to specific types of people. Guest post blogging can also help you reach a subset of niche blogs that cater to your target audience. This is particularly useful for smaller niche blogs that only have a few thousand visitors, but could be of great benefit to you because they are unlikely to be listed in the search engines or receive a lot of organic traffic. You will therefore need to make sure your guest post will be well written and of interest to your target audience.


Another reason to consider guest posts is that it’s easier to establish yourself as an expert within a niche if you make your contributions to other blogs in your niche. If you provide insightful expert analysis on another’s blog or write a guest post on your own blog related to a recent news event, you have just established credibility and a good track record. You’ll also be able to tap into the resources and know-how of other bloggers in your niche. The exposure that you will get from such joint ventures is usually a mutually beneficial situation for all parties.

Some bloggers may not be keen on guest blogging, but they still have an advantage over others in the arena. One way they can get more exposure for themselves is to participate in the many content explorer websites out there. Content explorer is an open-source project by Google for users with SEO experience. Basically, content explorer lets you submit your own original content to a directory, with a link back to your own site. Content explorer is particularly useful for niche-specific link building strategies.

While guest posts are generally frowned upon by many SEO professionals, if done in the right circumstances it can have amazing results. For instance, if you participate in guest posting on an SEO or social media blog then this could be the perfect opportunity to promote your own website. It’s important though that your guest post isn’t blatantly self-promoting, otherwise you run the risk of being banned.

A few of my favorite guest post examples include those that offer a new or exciting perspective on a given topic. It’s also great to guest posting for blogs that are already popular, as the increased backlinks you’ll get from these sites will help your own SEO immensely. Lastly, make sure you choose your guest post carefully. If your objective is to drive backlinks or increase your own reputation on the blogosphere then it’s best to avoid controversial topics and stick to well-known, authoritative blogs and websites.