The Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in the Classroom


First, the benefits of new technology are beneficial to society at large. For instance, in the technological field, new technology has been used to develop better weapons and protect our troops from harm. In the scientific community, new technology has allowed scientists to develop cures for various diseases and improve the quality of human life. The benefits of technology are not limited to the technological aspect of society.

First, new technology is helpful to all humans because of its endless possibilities. At the personal level, new technologies allow people to do more things than their predecessors could have done in the past. In the technological field, new technologies have allowed for an increase in the quality and quantity of goods that we can buy and sell. This quality and quantity combination allows for a more efficient process of creating wealth, which is why this form of wealth creation is termed, “the techno-economic boom.”

Second, the adaptation of new technologies brings with it some advantages that previous generations did not have access to. For example, in the technological field, new inventions such as the computer, DVD player, cellular phones, and the internet have become part of daily life for a large percentage of the population. Because of these innovations, humans have access to information at a faster rate and can communicate with each other at a faster pace. All these aspects make the modern workplace a more conducive environment for the human resources department to do their job effectively.

Third, with the help of technology, the classroom has changed significantly. With the invention of computer software, teachers can create lesson plans and time their students accordingly. Online programs give students the ability to take exams and complete assignments on their own time and at their own pace. In this way, technology provides students with much easier classroom conditions.

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Fourth, technology allows students to take responsibility for their own learning. Students have learned how to work independently from the start and now they are learning new ways to do so in the classroom. The invention of the Internet allows for the sharing of lectures with others. Video conferencing has made it possible for teachers and students to collaborate on projects and assignments. In the past, learning was dictated by the teacher’s schedule and resources. Technology has changed that.


Fifth, in the past the use of computers and technology resulted in long delays in the delivery of materials needed for a particular course or project. Long delays in the delivery of materials caused problems and created a need for extra days of instruction. Today, due to the innovative processes used in the production of computer programs and graphic presentations, students typically receive their required materials for a class even earlier than they would have in the past. This has benefits for both instructors and students. It has increased the likelihood of a successful completion of assignments and project; it has made learning more fun and exciting; and it has allowed instructors to instruct in a way that they see will benefit students instead of simply regurgitating what they have read from a book or video instruction.

Sixth, the invention of multimedia and other forms of technology allows for cultural learning. This is a concept of education wherein a teacher uses technology in the classroom to give students an opportunity to experience various cultural experiences in relation to their given fields of study. For example, museums can employ videos to help students discover art; businesses can provide websites with information about the products they sell. Today, there is a wealth of information available at the click of a mouse. This has expanded the range of people who can learn and gives us many new opportunities for social media use in the classroom.

There are many different benefits of technology in our lives. However, it is important that we remember that there are disadvantages too. Disadvantages can slow down the learning process or make the student feel uncomfortable. This can be avoided when instructors choose the right technology options that allow them to provide instruction while using the technologies in their classrooms.