Health and Fitness – Mental versus Physical

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Health and fitness are two terms that most people are familiar with but are relatively unfamiliar with in common. Health and fitness are related, though there is some dispute about which is the primary factor. Health and fitness encompass a range of activities and goals. One goal is to live a long and healthy life. The other goal is to lose weight and maintain a healthy weight.

Health and fitness


Health and fitness is a general state of good health and well being and, more importantly, the ability to do daily tasks, jobs and parts of sports without injury. Health and fitness generally are achieved through appropriate nutrition, regular-quality sleep, and adequate rest. While it may be tempting to fit in as many exercises as possible, this is not the approach to health and fitness that will lead to a long and healthy life. Instead, it is important to adopt a balanced lifestyle that includes a balanced diet, regular moderate exercise, and good nutritional supplements.


Health and fitness involve both body composition and overall muscular strength. Body composition is the percentage of body fat that an individual has versus total body mass. Body composition also takes into account lean body mass or the total muscle mass in the body. Individuals that have high body fat have low levels of muscular strength and body composition and therefore are at a greater risk for developing diseases and disorders that involve the skeletal system. Likewise, individuals who have low body fat have high levels of muscular strength and body composition and therefore are at a lower risk for developing disorders and diseases that involve the cardiovascular system.


In addition to body composition, fitness refers to the ability of an individual’s muscles to coordinate actions between the limbs, organs and brain. People who participate in sports and other physical activities to develop their own biological systems that allow them to use movement efficiently and to achieve goals. As humans improve in their ability to move efficiently, they also improve their reaction time so that they can execute movements with greater speed and with less pain. Health and fitness then enter into a synergistic relationship that improves the quality of life through increased physical co-ordination and decreased pain associated with movement.


Health and fitness focus on the mental aspects as well. Individuals who are fit mentally have better cognitive performance and can handle everyday demands with greater ease and less stress. A mentally fit individual can be more assertive and confident, and therefore is better able to face problems and deal with life’s issues without resorting to extreme measures. Mental fitness includes the ability to concentrate, focus, and solve problems as they occur. Those who maintain a healthy lifestyle have the ability to think clearly and to make sound decisions.


The definition of healthy being is relative and varies from person to person. In general, though, a healthy lifestyle encompasses a variety of factors such as a balanced diet, regular exercise, a balanced mindset, and the prevention of infirmity due to poor nutrition, bad habits, and lack of activity. When these key components of fitness are incorporated into your lifestyle, you become healthier. In the process, you enhance your overall physical and mental health.


It is important for you to choose your lifestyle wisely. The types of lifestyle that you pursue will have a profound impact on your health and fitness. If you are living a lifestyle that promotes poor eating habits, smoking, and sedentary lifestyle, you are not living a healthy lifestyle. If you are living a lifestyle that emphasizes exercise and healthy eating, you are living a healthy lifestyle. You just need to find a method of integrating these lifestyle components that works well for you.

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One way to integrate fitness and health is to participate in an activity such as dancing. Dancing provides an excellent way to incorporate movement into your daily routine, which builds muscle and helps to tone both the body and the mind. The mind-body connection is quite strong and it can be easy to understand how the two play off of one another. By promoting good health and fitness through movement, you also promote positive mental health.


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