Credit Cards For Travel and Shopping – Tips and Advice


In today’s economic climate, many people are looking for ways to save money during the off-season. The travel industry is one industry that thrives because of the seasonal nature of it. The travel industry also offers consumers a plethora of opportunities to save money. In fact, online travel and shopping searches are up almost 30% year-over-years.

To help on-the-go and savvy marketers, rebranding the annual fee for travel booked through traditional channels is a great way to boost sales. The annual fee for travel booked through the major airlines, such as Delta Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Continental Airlines and others, is often not very popular among travelers. The fees are usually very high and annual fees that are designed to reel in the customer and keep them loyal are not very competitive. When consumers who are looking for cheap travel and shopping options use an airline’s discount cards or membership cards, they can save a lot of money, sometimes up to ten percent, simply by carrying over the discount from one year to the next.

Another opportunity for smart shopping is found when consumers are able to find travel packages that feature a special airfare, rental car rental, hotel accommodations, meals and even access to an airport lounge. These types of deals are created as a means of creating long-term savings for the consumer. A traveler could easily obtain all of these elements for one low annual fee without doing much of the research necessary to find the best deal. For example, a consumer might find a flight with a high rewards rate but without making sure that the hotel in question is located in a convenient area.

Travelers have many options for getting top discounts. Most major credit card companies will offer a variety of incentive programs based on the type of card that a consumer has. Some will offer cash back rewards for spending on specific items and others will reward the customer with points per dollar spent. These points can be used for airfare, rental cars, hotels and many other travel-related expenses. Some of these cards also offer sign-up bonuses, which can allow a customer to earn points every time that he or she books his or her flight, eliminates the need for the customer to actually book tickets.

The most popular incentive program offered by most major credit card companies are the airline rewards programs. These rewards are often the most valuable to most people, but they are also the most difficult to find. A person who is serious about collecting substantial points must locate a card that offers a high rewards rate on flights and other travel and shopping related purchases. The easiest way to find good airline rewards cards is to use the internet. The greater the number of sources a person has for finding cheap airline tickets, the better the chances of finding a deal.


Hotels, on the other hand, tend to be very hard to come by. However, if a person has a little bit of time they may be able to find a discount hotel card, which offers sign-up bonuses for their customers. Sometimes a discount hotel card will offer a free night at an actual hotel, which is a nice perk. There are also travel rewards points available through some hotels. These are usually given for booking through a certain affiliate program.

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Travel and shopping cards can also be found through major credit card companies and banks. The advantage to this method is that a person does not have to pay a set annual fee for the account. They may only have to pay the same amount every year, depending on the company. Major banks that issue travel and shopping cards will typically give their customers a sign-up bonus when they make a purchase.

There are a variety of different deals that can be found with these types of cards. People who have a lot of traveling to do may want to look into getting one of these cards. It is best to compare prices and the perks offered by each travel card. After doing this, a person will be able to decide which company to choose between. If a person only plans on traveling once in a while, they may want to consider a different type of credit card that does not require annual fees and provides sign-up bonus.