Business and Finance Degrees – Pursuing Education in the Business World


Business and finance have been among the top industries for at least two decades now. These fields influence economies, people, and whole countries. For students interested in these fields, earning a business degree can provide them with a solid foundation for various careers in different fields.

Human Resources is one of the oldest business degrees. This degree focuses on hiring and developing employees. Graduates with a business degree may find employment opportunities in human resources departments of large companies, as well as in a number of government agencies like the Department of Labor or the Census Bureau. Graduates with human resources degrees can find work in a variety of businesses. These include private firms, hospitals, labor organizations, and international conglomerates. Human resource professionals may work as receptionists, accountants, information technology coordinators, managers, customer service representatives, and legal assistants.

Accounting is another business degree that offers excellent career advancement prospects. Graduates with an accounting degree often find work as financial analysts, investment bankers, or auditors in different firms. Accountants are employed by large corporations and also by government agencies like the Internal Revenue Service. Some accountants find career advancement in the financial services field, working for accounting firms, insurance companies, or consumer credit bureaus. Finance positions in government agencies and financial firms may require more advanced education.

Human resources graduates may work in a variety of fields as business and finance degrees’ human resources managers. They function as job seekers or executives in labor organizations or human resources offices. Graduates with these kinds of degrees may be responsible for recruiting, training, retaining, and promoting employees. Some graduates may also function as recruiters and executive recruitment officers.


Graduates with business administration and accounting degrees can find employment in a variety of settings. Middle management positions in corporations or government offices will often require professionals with these kinds of degrees to handle the day-to-day duties. Job titles include director of finance, director of human resources, or director of legal services.

Graduates with degrees in human resources can also prepare students for professional careers in a variety of areas, such as marketing, administration, finance, and law. They may be responsible for interviewing, hiring, coaching, promoting, and managing employees. Graduates with degrees in this area may be interested in human resources jobs such as administrative assistant, executive assistant, or HR manager. Other career paths that Human resources graduates may follow are accountants, business coaches, or HR managers.

Finance degrees prepare students for entry-level jobs in banking, securities trading, investing, or financial advising. Graduates with finance degrees can find work in investment banking, commercial lending, insurance, and securities brokering. The financial industry is a fluid field, so graduates with degrees in finance may move up through the ranks as their career choices develop. Career options include investment analyst, credit manager, financial analyst, loan officer, commodity broker, or mortgage officer.

Graduates with any of these business degree degrees are in great demand in the business world. There are a variety of careers for these graduates. Graduates can pursue entry-level positions in corporate departments, government offices, or start their own businesses. Human resources professionals can help their clients recruit the right candidates for their job openings and help them prepare for new positions or apply to existing ones.

Graduates with degrees in business administration are also in high demand in financial institutions. Financial institutions must keep their records straight and handle their operations efficiently. They must analyze data and make strategic decisions. Graduates with degrees in business administration can help their employers understand the importance of these skills and help them develop effective management and leadership skills. Career paths in this area usually involve working as general managers, marketing or accounting managers, or accounting or financial advising staff.

Another popular degree option for recent college graduates interested in business and finance is the bachelor of science in economics. A student must first acquire a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university in order to enroll in a business degree program at a four-year university or a public college. Students must take classes such as math, statistics, and basic sciences. A four-year bachelor’s degree is required in order to pursue graduate studies at a university. A typical curriculum for students in this program is a broad introduction to economic theory and decision theory, advanced planning, microeconomics, public economics, and research methodologies, and business mathematics.

One of the most highly sought after business degree programs is the master of science in finance degree. This is a complex program requiring many years of study and specialization in the area of global business administration, particularly in international finance. Graduates of this program should have excellent mathematical skills and a background in business administration.