Best Travel Credit Cards for Shoppers


October through December are generally the largest months for both online travel and shopping, with demand growing at a rapid pace. In fact, web search traffic and online travel shopping searches are set to grow over 30% over the next year. To assist marketers and on the go shoppers alike, this holiday season, companies are stepping up their efforts to provide the most relevant products and information possible. In the past, consumers have relied on traditional sources such as travel and insurance magazines to help them plan trips. However, today consumers turn to the internet when it comes to finding out information about deals on flights, car rentals, hotels, cruises, and more. To help travelers and on the go shoppers alike, many companies are releasing information on their websites, blogs, and social media channels throughout the holiday season in hopes of drawing in the crowds.

Many companies are offering a “chase” or “pre-book” service where a customer can enter their information once, then have the information sent to their chosen travel company which they have already selected to book their flight or rental. A variety of other travel and rental companies are following suit by offering the same benefit. The catch? Instead of entering your information once, you have to enter it twenty-four hours, every hour, until you are satisfied that you have received the correct amount and that your choice is binding. For many people, this can cause numerous delays and added expenses, but the advantage of this service has proven invaluable for many customers.

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Another new bonus offered by some travel companies is the ability for customers to receive a free gift if they successfully book their flight and rental. A majority of companies will also offer a bonus credit to their valued customers if they are able to book a significant number of rooms or travel booked through their company. Many times, the hotels and airlines will match the deposit price of the customers’ new cards when the chase period ends. A few companies will even allow customers to use their chase line towards purchasing future travel booked through their company.

Other companies are utilizing their customer’s credit cards to earn points toward earning free airline tickets, cash back when shopping at a local gas station, or a percentage of sales at local restaurants. In addition to earning points and earning bonuses, many people enjoy the convenience of being able to earn free travel. Many companies are now taking advantage of customers who like the idea of earning free airfare, but hate the hassle of collecting miles from their credit cards. Chase is one of these companies that are taking the travel and reward card market by storm.

As a part of the incentives offered through sign-up bonuses, most hotels and airlines will also offer an upgraded seat if you stay with them. Most hotel cards will also give you a free check in and free mileage if you utilize their services. With these types of offers, the customers can earn even more incentive, as most hotels will match the points earned from signing up for their loyalty programs. In addition to the hotel cards, many travel companies are offering plane tickets, rental cars and even free tickets to attractions. These deals are usually only available online, so make sure to take advantage of them when you travel.

Another great deal available is the ability to get free airline tickets with sign-up bonuses for the frequent fliers that use their credit cards to earn points. These cards usually require no annual fees and will usually offer an upgrade in airline seats, rental cars and other points based on the amount of credit used. This deal usually requires the customer to visit a specified retailer once a year. Some of these retailers may not have this deal available at all; others will give points for every dollar spent at their stores. The goal of this type of deal is to offer the customer additional ways to earn rewards and rebates.

A few of the best travel credit cards in the business to offer travelers the opportunity to earn miles for every dollar spent. These frequent flyer mile programs pay out point amounts based on the number of miles accumulated. Travelers will know right away if they qualify for this type of deal. This deal is perfect for frequent flyers who want to earn free or discounted tickets for their trips. These types of deals are usually only available through certain participating merchants, so make sure to read the terms and conditions before enrolling. These are some of the most exciting rewards to be had for credit cards.

The best travel credit cards offer frequent flyer miles, points per dollar and free airline tickets. They also offer other perks like free hotel stays when you travel and shopping at a select number of stores when you shop using your card. You can earn as much as five to ten percent in bonus points for each purchase. No annual fees means more money in your pocket. Look for travel and shopping incentives with the best rewards and benefits for the card that best suits your needs.